Updates for AirWrench Version 1.01.25

Dimensions Tab Updates

Dimensions Tab Notes: 

Bi-plane and Tri-plane configurations are now determined by the ratio of wing surface area to the product of root chord and wing span, so make sure these three values are accurate. 

number of wings = 1 + integer (wing_surface_area / (wing_root_chord * wing_span))

Balance Tab Updates

Balance Tab Notes:

- Aircraft length and nose location values can be stored in aircraft.cfg file for any aircraft without modifying the flight model fuselage outline added

- The fuselage outline is only a visual aide. It's size and location do not affect the calculation of the flight model

Aircraft  balance can be adjusted by setting the empty CoG location relative to MAC, by setting the physical location of CoG directly, or setting the physical location of the CoL directly using the check boxes provided.

Swept horizontal and vertical tails are displayed; however, horizontal and vertical tail sweep do not affect calculation of flight dynamics.

If Balance display does not look right:

  1. Set aircraft length to correct value. (It's often included in the description)
  2. Set nose position to correct value (use a scale drawing to find the distance from the reference datum point to the nose of the aircraft)

The button labeled "Add/Update Length and Nose Position" will save these dimensions in the aircraft.cfg file. Saving these values will not affect the existing flight dynamics. 

If the Balance display still does not look right, carefully check the aircraft dimensions.  The chord (the distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge) of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers are found by dividing the surface area by the span.  Make sure the surface area and span are correct.

Flight dynamics updates

Swept and tapered wings - The location of MAC for swept wings has been added to the analysis and flight dynamics calculation capabilities.

MAC is now calculated for tapered wings. (CFS2 through FS9, not applicable for CFS1)