Welcome to the Mudpond Special Projects page.

The flight dynamics sets on this page are 'do-it-yourself' projects.  Unless otherwise stated, the zip files on this page contain just the air file and the aircraft.cfg file for the listed model.

F-5A Flight Model:

Flight model for Tim Conrad's FSX F-5A   Download It!


SOH Forums FS9 P-47D AirWrench tutorial:

Flight model for Gnoopy's FS9 P-47D   Download It!


CFS2 to FS9 conversions:

Thicko's Kawasaki Ki-10 for CFS2   Download It!


FS9 to CFS1 conversions:

Spitfire MkI with fixed pitch prop for CFS1   Download It!


FS9 Hawker Sea Fury:

David Hanvey/Paul Barry FS2002 Sea Fury (SF_RN) - Updated with Flight Dynamics Workbook   Download It!

David Hanvey/Paul Barry FS2002 Sea Fury - Racing version (SF_MissM) - Updated with AirWrench v1.01.25  Download It!


FS9 Upgrade for Ken Stalling's Cessna C172N:

This FS9 Flight Model Upgrade Package uses the stock 3-D visual (mdl) and texture (bmp) files that come on the original FS9 CD and will only install in FS9.  The installer creates a new Cessna172N aircraft folder, installs a new set of flight dynamics files, copies the mdl and bmp files, and sets up an alias to the original C172 panel and sound files.  The new Cessna172N can be customized by the user without affecting the original C172.


This Flight Model Upgrade Package includes an improved Cessna C172N flight model based on the performance of the real world Cessna C172N Superhawk owned and operated by Ken Stallings.  The flight model in this package is a joint effort, developed by Jerry Beckwith and flight tested by the aircraft's owner, Ken Stallings.


FS9 flight model upgrade Ken Stalling's Cessna C172N    Download It!










Flight Dynamics Conversion Sets Terms of Use:

The Flight Dynamics Conversion Sets, Copyright (C) 2005, Jerry Beckwith, are released as Freeware subject to the following conditions:
  - The Flight Dynamics
Conversion Sets may not be hosted on any other web site or re-distributed by any other means without written permission from the author.
  - You may not use the Flight Dynamics
Conversion Sets in any commercial products without prior written agreement from the author. 


The flight dynamics file sets hosted on this website are supplied on an as-is basis. The author offers no warranty of their fitness for any purpose whatsoever, and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred by their use. These are not supported products. The author accepts no commitment or liability to address any problems that may be encountered in using them.