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The original version of AirWrench is no longer available for download from this website.  Existing AirWrench activation codes do not expire, and current installations of AirWrench will continue to function normally for the life of your computer.  Please note that existing activation codes are only valid on one computer, and the program cannot be moved from one computer to another. 

In addition, note that installing a different version of Windows, and this includes the free upgrade to Windows10, will more often than not change the AirWrench serial number and deactivate the program.

AirWrench was released more than 10 years ago.  The program has been updated hundreds of times over the years and updates and activation code support for registered users have been free to this point in time.  The phase out of Windows 7 and transition to Windows 10 may make it necessary to charge a fee for activation code support in the future.  For now, registered users can still obtain support for activation code issues via the email address shown at the top of this page. 


AirWrench2, available exclusively at Flight One Software, is an evolutionary update that adds four new graphic display pages of AIR file coefficients and modifier tables:

AirWrench2 performs the same AIR file analysis and generation functions as the original, and given the same inputs, will generate the same flight model.  The added pages provide additional flight model insight without requiring any additional data or editing.

AirWrench2 uses the Flight One Software wrapper system, eliminating the need for serial numbers and activation codes.

        Click here to view the AirWrench2 User Guide



The new AIR file editor AirWizEd is included in the same release with AirWrench2 at no additional cost.  AirWizEd has the same look and feel as AirWrench, and the same flight model performance analysis capabilities, but it replaces the automated AIR file generation logic of AirWrench with a more traditional, manual approach to editing AIR files.  Each AIR file coefficient is identified by name and can be edited individually.  All AIR file tables are displayed graphically, and each table entry can be edited by keyboard entry or by point-and-click. 


        Click here to view the AirWizEd User Guide




AirWrench - Revision History

1.01.16 - gyroscopic precession controls added

1.01.17 - flight tuning tab updates

1.01.18 - CFS1 flight model upgrades

1.01.19 - improved flaps configuration processing

1.01.20 - gear and flaps scale factors added

1.01.21 - CFS1 autopilot support

1.01.22 - fixed pitch prop improvements

1.01.23 - landing gear compression, turboprop critical altitude

1.01.25 - improved Dimensions and Balance tabs - Click here for more info on v25 updates ...

1.01.26 - added SST aircraft type

1.01.27 - 1101 Airframe Type = 5943 for SST aircraft

1.01.28 - roll rate controls enhanced

1.01.29 - 4 new tab pages added - Click here for more info on v29 updates...

1.01.30 - v29 bug fix

1.01.31 - flap config details, UI improvements

1.01.32 - add adjustable cruise attitude

1.01.33 - FS2002+ option enables propwash effect on elevator and rudder

1.01.34 - increased propwash effect on elevator and rudder

1.01.35 - record 404/473 compatibility with AirEd restored

1.01.36 - Better piston engine power estimates, tuning scalar ranges increased, prop torque effects improved, mach drag scalar added, turbo prop engine tuning options added...

1.01.37 - Revised piston engine power estimates.

1.01.38 - Revised piston engine power estimates - again...

1.01.39 - Added Thrust Required vs Thrust Available and mach vs drag charts. General improvements.

1.01.40 - Added and rearranged 'dimensions'. Internal changes/improvements.

1.01.41 - Added 'Aileron Effectiveness'.

1.01.42 - Minor bug fix.

1.01.43 - Stall Roll Off slider added to adjust stall characteristics.

1.01.44 - Tuning tab bug fix.

1.01.45 - Changed trim speed from user input to estimated value.  Internal improvements.

1.01.47 - Updates for FSX Acceleration Pack.

1.01.48 - Revised thrust estimates with afterburner.

1.01.49 - Glider flight models added.

1.01.50 - Experimental flight model type added for editable air foil curves.

1.01.51 - 'Experimental' renamed 'General Aviation 2', air foil curves editable for all types, contact point lights.

1.01.52 - Persistent contact point light selections.  Sideslip added to Tuning tab.

1.01.53 - Turboprop altitude table bug fix.

1.01.54 - Fuel consumption bug fix, reorganize Tuning tab.

1.01.58 - Serial numbers and activation codes re-designed to survive Windows re-installation.

1.01.59 - Add GPWS (ground proximity warning system), Esc key won't blank tabs anymore.

1.01.60 - Cosmetics.

1.01.61 - Updates for Over Flanders Fields Project (WWI Warbirds).

1.01.62 - Contact point lights bug fixed.

1.01.63 - Updated Systems Tab, Autopilot configuration added.

1.01.64 - Updated flaps configuration logic.

1.01.65 - Work in US or Metric Units, Enhanced performance charts. 

1.01.66 - R/C Scale models enabled, recognizes FS versions, activation moved to About tab.

1.01.67 - Remove bug added in v66, add mod to adjust jet thrust at idle.

1.01.68 - Estimated drag range, oswald efficiency factor, estimated glide ratio, reset contact points when new file opens.

1.01.69 - Added new features: Estimate Control Surface Dimensions, Repair Aerodynamic Balance, Repair Jet Engine, out-of-range performance parameters highlighted with color, User Guide updated.

1.01.70 - Dynamics tab updated with programmable V-N envelope

1.01.71 - Fixed bug in Control Surface Dimension Estimates

1.01.72 - Fixed metric Jet Engine 'Thrust Available/Thrust Required' display.

1.01.73 - Allow using fuel tanks for ballast on gliders.

1.01.74 - Increase afterburner table size.

1.01.75 - 4 engine bug fix.

1.01.76 - Turboprop N1/N2 bug fix.

1.01.77 - Auto Flaps Config improved.

1.01.78 - FSX SP2/Acceleration differences.

1.01.79 - FSX SP2/Acceleration bug fix.

1.01.80 - FSX Turbo prop engine stalling fixed.

1.01.85 - Win32/Win64 differences

1.01.86 - Prop stops spinning when engine quits, aircraft.cfg comments retained, Repair Aerodynamic Balance updated for biplane-types

1.01.88 - Propeller design altitude added

1.01.89 - Repair Aerodynamic Balance improved (bug fix and light positions updated), version displayed on window frame.

1.01.90 - Fix graph locations on systems with alternate display settings

1.01.91 - Windows 2000 activation fixed

1.01.92 - FSX turboprop idle stalling fixed, FSX glider ballast tanks added

1.01.93 - FSX ballast tanks moved to Weight tab for all aircraft types

1.01.94 - Fixed 'Main Rotor Long Tilt' helicopter coefficient bug

1.01.95 - not released

1.01.96 - Fixed helicopter cruise speed bug

1.01.97 - Added prop rotation configuration & reference datum position editor.

1.01.98 - ID Windows 10